Crash Courses

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 20:30
oin us for this classroom-style group where we will learn about the basics of our faith.

CRASH COURSES: The Basics - 8 Weeks

Join us for this classroom-style group where we will learn about the basics of our faith from different teachers each week. By the end of this 8 week course, we will learn what it means to be maturing in five key areas: Grace, Groups, Growth, Gifts, and Generosity. 

Join us all 8 weeks or just a few or just one to learn (or re-learn) the basics of faith. This will be a great time to connect with others, too!
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Week 1 - Why Even Bother Being a Christian?

Weds., March 7 - Kenosha
Sun., March 11 - Racine

It can seem like being a Christian comes with a lot of baggage. Together, we'll unpack and neatly fold that baggage by answering the most basic question, "Why does being a Christian matter?"

Week 2 - The Best Worst Day Ever:  Why the Resurrection is Kind of a Big Deal?

Weds., March 14 - Kenosha
Sun., March 18 - Racine

So this Jesus guy died and rose from the dead? We'll explain why Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection are kind of a big deal.

Week 3 - Church?  Steeple? Doors?  People?  Who’s the Church and Why Does It Matter?

Weds., March 21 - Kenosha
Sun., March 25 - Racine

The church is more than a physical building with comfy chairs and a preacher who's 50% eye candy.  We'll take a deeper look at God's purpose for the church and exactly how we fit in.  

Week 4 - Read “The Book” before it’s a movie.  A guide to reading and understanding the Bible.

Weds., March 28 - Kenosha
Sun., April 8 - Racine

The book is always better than the movie. We'll teach you how to open that leatherbound "Bible" you've got on your shelf or on your phone and read it for what it's worth. Studying the most popular book in the world will never be easier.

Week 5 - High Fives, Life, and Other Things That Operate Best with Friends

Weds., April 11 - Kenosha
Sun., April 15 - Racine

We were created for community.  Many of us are new to faith and want to make new friends who are also figuring this stuff out.  Learn practical steps in helping you form those friendships at Great Lakes Church while looking at what the Bible says about the importance of relationships.  

Week 6 - Get Your Story Straight

Weds., April 18 - Kenosha
Sun., April 22 - Racine

What makes a great story? A cute animal sidekick, an antagonist named Emilio? We can help you organize your personal story into three basic parts allowing you the confidence to share it with others. Jesus and your mom will be so proud.

​​​​​​​Week 7 - The Big Guy & the Benjamins:  Understanding God’s Plan for Money

Weds., April 25 - Kenosha
Sun., April 29 - Racine

Are you raking in the moola running your side business selling hemp woven swimwear?  We’re here to help you understand how God wants us to manage our finances and those bitcoin investments?

​​​​​​​Week 8 - Nunchuk Skills=Spiritual Gift?: A guide to understanding the many skills, gifts, and talents you've been given

Weds., May 2 - Kenosha
Sun., May 6 - Racine

Speed Reading, Cooking, Bear Wrestling: Spiritual Gift or Unique talent? We'll help you sort through the things your good at and find a practical way to use them to serve God and others.