The Great Lakes Church 2022


At Great Lakes Church we are committed to showing the love of Jesus in tangible ways here, near, and far. Outside of our weekly programs, we focus on serving and supporting in five key areas:

  • Starting new churches
  • Caring for the poor
  • Advocating for the overlooked
  • Equipping healthy marriages
  • Preparing the next generation
Since the beginning, the annual Christmas Offering has been our way of fueling all of the projects and partnerships that we support.

Thank you for giving faithfully and generously!

-Pastor Dave & Rindy Nelson

Our 2022 goal: $200,000

Starting new churches

New church

[El Chague Region of Nicaragua]


Stadia Church Planting starts new churches, and Compassion International works with churches to find sponsors for children living in extreme poverty. Together, they launch new churches and sponsor local children in poverty stricken areas around the world.

Goal: Fund the construction costs of a new church that will be launched in a rural Nicaraguan village.*

*Next year we will sponsor children in the village and plan a mission trip!

Caring for the poor

Charity water 


Nearly 80% of Cambodia’s population lives in rural areas where many lack basic access to water and/or sanitation facilities. Independent research shows that students who attend schools with clean water access are 2.5 times more likely to regularly attend classes than those schools without it.

Goal: Bring clean drinking water to a rural Cambodian school, impacting 280 students.

El paraiso Church


Pastor Yojan and his wife, Marisela, have dedicated their lives to helping children and families in their community of roughly 5,000 people. The church they lead provides a safe place for over 300 children by teaching them about Jesus, helping with homework, and feeding them meals.

Currently, they are raising funds to finish the second floor of a trade/technical school which will help equip men and women to be self-sufficient and support their families by teaching them skills, such as welding, industrial sewing, and computer programming.
Goal: Upgrade a well and fund the cost of supplies and installation of windows, lights, doors, and tile floors, helping to complete phase two of a trade school.

*This is an ongoing partnership, and we will continue offering mission trips to serve alongside Pastor Yojan and Marisela Marder.

Habitat for humanity


Habitat for Humanity shows God’s love by bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Partnering with families to create simple, decent, and affordable housing helps forge a path out of poverty.
Goal: Provide appliances for all Habitat homes built in Kenosha in 2023.



Sleep in Heavenly Peace builds and delivers quality bunk beds to children and families in need.

Goal: Provide 20 quality beds, including mattresses and bedding, to children in our communities who are currently sleeping on floors.

Advocating for the overlooked

Shepherds college


Shepherds College is a Christian-based, fully accredited, post-secondary program designed specifically for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Goal: Help students with intellectual and developmental challenges build community by funding picnic tables for the different living areas around their campus.

Royal family kids camp


Royal Family KIDS Camp is a week-long camp for kids in foster care. During the week, each child learns about God’s love while building valuable relationships, fun memories, and life skills.  

Goal: Provide meals for every child in our week-long camp for kids in foster care.

Equipping healthy marriages

Healthy marriage fund


Every marriage has room to grow, and we want to make it as easy as possible for couples to be intentional about investing in their marriage.

Goal: Kickstart a fund that helps provide resources, childcare, and counseling to couples from Great Lakes Church who need support moving forward in their marriage.

Training the next generation


At Great Lakes Church we are passionate about finding ways to place an anchor in the hearts of the next generation so they don’t drift too far off the path God has intended for them.

Goal: Invest in kids and students through special events, camps, and internships.

future opportunities

Hear, near and far


Every year, Great Lakes Church has opportunities to respond to immediate needs and various opportunities that we were not expecting.
Goal: Be ready to respond to crises and/or unexpected opportunities as they arise.

Do you have questions? We've got answers!

Kids & students christmas offering

Rice bowls

Quick Facts

How we are helping

  • There are nearly 153 million orphans worldwide
  • Every few seconds an orphan dies from malnutrition
  • Hungry and vulnerable children are often forced to work as street vendors, beggars, or domestic servants
  • All Great Lakes Kids and Students ages 5-18 will receive a Rice Bowl bank
  • Kids/Students are encouraged to fill the bank or set aside money from odd jobs or gifts received
  • Every $33 collected will provide a month’s worth of locally grown nutritious food for one child
  • Banks or financial gifts should be returned to either the Kenosha or Racine Campus any time before Saturday, December 31st