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We encourage our students to volunteer on Sundays or Wednesdays because why wait to be an adult to make a difference in someone else’s life, right? We can help students get plugged into any environment they’re interested in (kids, tech, guest experience, etc). We strive to provide a relaxed environment in our student center that focuses on community and building friendships with other students and adults that care about them for anyone who’s ready to take that step.
Interested in hearing about the upcoming edits to our Student environments? Check out this State of the Students recap video, where Josh explains everything.
MSC: Middle School Community
Grades 6th-8th
On Sundays at 10:00 AM in the Student's Center we have music, a live speaker and plenty of snacks. The environment is geared towards having fun and growing together.
HSC: High School Community
Grades 9th-12th
Our High School students meet in small groups during the week. We currently have a North and South Kenosha option. Sign up to check us out. We're a pretty good time.
Wave Nite
On the first Sunday of every month, our High School students will get together and hang out in a large group setting in the main building. There'll be food, games, music and cool people. See you there.

STUDENT ROOM, 7600 75th St. Suite 113, KENOSHA

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