What is happening? 
After 15 years, Pastor Dave is stepping down as Lead Pastor of Great Lakes Church. If you'd prefer to watch the video update, click here.
Why is Pastor Dave resigning? 
Recently, Pastor Dave accepted a co-pastor position at Timberlake (Redmond, WA) where he has been guest teaching for the past 15 years.
When is the transition taking place? 
Dave will continue to serve as Lead Pastor until the end of September. His final Sunday will be September 17, 2023.
How can I show appreciation to Dave & Rindy? 
We are in the early stages of planning a farewell service, which will happen on Sunday, September 17, 2023. However, at any point, we encourage you to verbalize your gratitude or send them an encouraging note at:
Great Lakes Church
Attn: Liesel Gruener
PO Box 580425
Pleasant Prairie, WI  53158 
What’s next for Great Lakes Church? 
The Board of Directors has already started working with a consultant whose company assists churches in navigating change and transition. Additionally, we will be contracting with a national search firm who will help us identify candidates that most closely match the profile of the Lead Pastor.

Pastor Josh Petersen, currently on staff at Great Lakes Church, will assume the position of Interim Lead Pastor during this season.
Will this transition change the mission, vision, or DNA of Great Lakes Church? 
No! Although some things will inevitably look or feel different, the Board of Directors is committed to protecting the “come as you are” culture we all love and value.
What can I do? 
The church belongs to Jesus (Matthew 16:18; Colossians 1:17-18). He is in complete control. Our role in this season is to stay faithful in attending, serving, giving, praying, and encouraging our pastors and leaders.
How will the congregation be notified of progress? 
As meaningful progress is made, we will be making the church aware of that progress. Our desire is to be open and transparent with the process as is possible.
Who can I speak to about the transition? 
Anyone on the Board of Directors is available to discuss questions you may have. You can reach out at leadership@greatlakeschurch.com