January 18, 2024 | Final Update

Great Lakes Family!

We’re so excited to be writing this update about the lead pastor search. As most of you have learned over the course of this last week, we have asked Josh Petersen to become our permanent lead pastor and he’s accepted! This was announced to everyone in attendance at our Sunday and Wednesday gatherings but we thought it would be good to make sure everyone that’s been navigating this search with us knew.
Here’s the truth: we wouldn’t be here without you. You have been so gracious, faithful and patient as we took a few months to make sure our next move was the best move. We interviewed four other candidates besides Josh and believe with all our heart that he’s the next right guy to join this amazing community and help us help people find and follow Jesus.

  • In the meantime, you continued to show up, invite your friends, give generously, and volunteer to make it happen week in and week out. You truly are what makes Great Lakes Church great. Here are just a couple of stats to help paint the picture of how amazing it’s been the last six months in the midst of so much change:
  • Average weekly attendance increased at such a rate that we needed to add a Sunday service – and you committed to serving at that service
  • We exceeded our Christmas Offering goal of $250,000 by just over $13,000
  • We added kids environments to our Wednesday nights so families could come together and fully engage – again, you volunteered to make that happen
  • We broke our Christmas services attendance record

You’re just incredible. And we’re so grateful to be part of this adventure with you. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts.

We’re excited to celebrate our next chapter here at GLC on Wednesday, January 24 at 7:30pm following Weekends on Wednesday. We’d love it if you’d come for an open house style party.

2024 at GLC is going to be amazing!

December 3, 2023  |  One month update.

Hello Great Lakes Church Family,
We wanted to drop a quick update for you on our Lead Pastor search. Thanks to Slingshot, we've been presented candidates, including Josh Petersen. We are lining up interviews over the next few weeks.
Post-interviews, we'll take time to reflect on how to proceed. We're aiming for a decision by end of January 2024, and we deeply value your prayers for wisdom and guidance throughout this process.
If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to reach out to us at 
leadership@greatlakeschurch.com. Your input is always welcome!
We will continue to keep you updated.
The Board & Stewardship Team
October 25, 2023  |  It's been 90 days since we announced a Lead Pastor Search.  Letter from the Board & Stewardship Team.  Click HERE.
What is happening? 
After 15 years, Pastor Dave stepped down as Lead Pastor of Great Lakes Church.  The Board of Directors has already started working with a consultant whose company assists churches in navigating change and transition. Additionally, we will be contracting with a national search firm who will help us identify candidates that most closely match the profile of the Lead Pastor.  Pastor Josh Petersen, is currently in the position of Interim Lead Pastor and will be part of the interview process.
Will this transition change the mission, vision, or DNA of Great Lakes Church? 
No! Although some things will inevitably look or feel different, the Board of Directors is committed to protecting the “come as you are” culture we all love and value.
What can I do? 
The church belongs to Jesus (Matthew 16:18; Colossians 1:17-18). He is in complete control. Our role in this season is to stay faithful in attending, serving, giving, praying, and encouraging our pastors and leaders.
How will the congregation be notified of progress? 
As meaningful progress is made, we will be making the church aware of that progress. Our desire is to be open and transparent with the process as is possible.  Please check above for the most recent letter from our leadership teams.
Who can I speak to about the transition? 
Anyone on the Board of Directors is available to discuss questions you may have. You can reach out at leadership@greatlakeschurch.com