Our Story

How It Started

In the fall of 2008, a handful of friends and family began dreaming about starting a church in southeast Wisconsin.

They didn’t want to simply start a “new” church, but rather a new kind of church. They wanted a church where it was easy to explore questions about God without having to pretend they had it all together or wading through a bunch of religious lingo. They wanted to offer their friends an alternative that wouldn’t make assumptions about what they believed about God or knew about the Bible.
In February 2009, Great Lakes Church was launched. Since then, we’ve grown, we’ve purchased land and buildings, and we’ve added staff... but we’ve never lost sight of why we started... to do whatever we can to help people connect with God!

So You've Got Questions...

Want to know more about why we use video teaching, what to expect in our environments, and why we don't pass offering buckets? We've answered a few of your questions... click here.

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