There's A Place For You!

At Great Lakes Church, we believe in creating a life-giving environment where anyone can feel welcome. That requires a team of people willing to serve with their time, energy, and creativity.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at Great Lakes, and we want you to find the one that best suits your passion, personality, and availability.

Guest Experience
We make our guests feel welcome by greeting, answering questions at the Next Steps table, directing to parking spots, or making coffee. Times need are generally 20 minutes before service while staying in place to welcome guests through the opening songs.

Create a fun and safe learning environment for our kids infant through 5th grade. Most needs are in the classroom or hallways during services, but there are also opportunities to help at the check-in counter 20 minutes before services through the opening songs.

Help students connect in large and small groups on Sunday mornings during our 9:45 service, in small groups in homes on Tuesday evenings, or monthly big events Sunday evenings.

Create a distraction-free environment in our services by monitoring lights and audio, or capture moments on camera. On Sundays this is a 7-11:15 commitment; Wednesdays 5:15-7:30.

Help people connect with God through instrumental or vocal gifts. On Sundays, this is a 7:00-11:15 commitment; Wednesdays 5:15-6:45.

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