Do you have questions? We have some answers.

What Will Happen When I Visit For the First Time?

If you are visiting for the first time, we will not embarrass you, have you stand up, or ask you to give money. We realize that it's intimidating to walk into a building for the first time, especially if you don't know anybody.

That's why we have clear signage, an "Next Steps Table" staffed with people who are ready to help you, and a fun/safe kids program so you don't have to stress about what to do with your kids.

Are There Programs for Children?

Yes! On Sunday mornings we offer fully-staffed Kids programs for infant thru fifth grade.

We also have Students programs for Middle School and High School students.

Why Don't You Pass Offering Buckets?

Back in 2015, we noticed that passing offering buckets was simply a little awkward. Many churches have made giving a consistent point of conversation, and a it's become a hurdle for a lot of people. Not to mention, it can make our first-time guests feel uncomfortable. Instead, we've set up giving online, or via our silver giving stations in the back of the auditorium.