Welcome to midweek!


The plan

We're moving to Wednesday Nights!
Starting June 1st, 6-12th grade students are invited to a BRAND NEW Great Lakes Students experience on Wednesday Nights! At both our Kenosha & Racine locations, our evenings will run from 6-7:30pm.

**We are still offering Middle School on Sunday Mornings**

Kenosha is getting a new space!

Starting Wednesday, June 1st, Kenosha Students will meet in Suite 303 [right across the parking lot from the Kenosha Campus] for all student gatherings!


You have 1 million questions, we get it.

Why midweek?

Midweek opens the door to more students who either can’t make Sundays work or families for whom schedule/driving distance doesn’t allow them to come back on a Sunday evening.

Midweek also allows students an easier avenue to invite students to join them at Great Lakes Students. Sundays can be difficult to invite friends too; especially for our Middle School students.

Why combined grades?

The more energy that is in the room, the better! We will still have our small groups (separated by age and gender).

When we were all younger, we looked up to someone in our life who we wanted to be more like. Putting high school & middle school in the same room allows for that to happen naturally. Additionally, the high school students can begin to step into more of a leadership role for these middle school students. Students helping students find and follow Jesus!

How does this help Great Lakes Students?

This combo (Wed. night, both ages) opens the doors to more families. Through conversations the student pastors have had with families, it is tough for high school students to come back on Sunday night if they have younger siblings or families who attend on Sunday mornings. This shift allows for those families to have a short break and bring all students back on the same evening.

What is Sunday going to look like now?

We will still offer a middle school service on Sunday mornings during our 10:30am services where we will dive into The Four Faith Skills. These are habits that we want teenagers to develop to build a personal, everyday faith. Learn more about The Four Faith Skills from Orange Curriculum HERE

We will not offer a high school service on Sunday.

Contact us!

We want to help make this transition as smooth as possible.