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Current series AT MSC & HSC

Middle School

Who is Jesus?

Your middle schoolers are exploring who Jesus is, what He did for them a Easter, and what it means for their lives today in a new series called Who Is Jesus? Each of us approaches faith with a different worldview, and that can sometimes make understanding the message of Jesus difficult. This series explores that message from several different perspectives, introducing students to what Jesus has done for us in a number of ways to reach a number of worldviews.

High School


What is the Gospel? Sure, the word, Gospel, means “good news,” but hearing something is good and knowing WHY it’s good are entirely different. In this series, your high schooler will find that the Good News of Easter may be bigger and better than we had ever imagined. As we do, we’ll discover five things Jesus wants every high schooler to know and never forget.
Middle School Preview
High School Preview

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