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countdown to christmas

This year, we’re celebrating the holiday season with a new series called Countdown to Christmas. This series introduces middle schoolers to the season of Advent and the things that those watching and waiting for Jesus found when He came to Earth. While so many think the Christmas story ends with the birth of Jesus, we want students to see that in reality, that is just the beginning of the hope, peace, joy, and love He brought to the world.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Anticipation fills the air! And we start using words we never use. What even is figgy pudding, and who is Yuletide Carol? This season is also filled with other words that feel a little more special. Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love appear everywhere as we count down to the birth of a Savior - Who promises that even in this imperfect world, we can experience and embody these four things, even now in the chaos of life. Be sure to check out this series for our High Schoolers.

Featured resources this month

The Only Thing Your Kids Need for Christmas

"Wanna know how? It’s this word that literally costs nothing to execute—connection. What our kids really want from us is to be a present parent. Quality time is the name of the game this year, folks."

A Letter to Parents Who Hurt During the Holidays

"Hey, friend:
Yes, you.
The one who’s dreading the upcoming holiday season. I know you get this pit in your stomach whenever you think about it, but you try to put on a cheerful face for your kids and your family. You try so hard...."

The Newly-Single Parent Holiday Guide

"Listen. You can do this. It may take a few years to create a new “normal,” and that’s okay. Kids are resilient. But you know what? So are you.  
You were chosen to be your kid’s parent—married or single."

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