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No Matter What

No Matter What is a series that celebrates the best news of the Easter season: the fact that Jesus’ death and resurrection shows us just how much we’re loved, valued, and forgiven by God, no matter what! Because middle schoolers developmentally have a
hard time understanding abstract concepts, narratives or examples are helpful in making those concepts more concrete. That’s why in this series, we look at the lives and stories of three different Biblical figures to illustrate the way in which something that may be hard to grasp (like the resurrection of Jesus) impacts their lives in big ways today.

After life

A high schooler's view of God has been shaped by lots of different factors—what they see on social media or hear from other adults—and there isn’t one consistent image. Most of us tend to see God as being more about rules rather than grace. This week, we’re talking about what God is really like and that God is love. And that when we see God as a loving God first, our whole perspective on Him can change.

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Featured resources this month

The Dreams I Had for My Kid Aren’t Coming True

"One lesson that every kid (and parent) has to learn is that life is cyclical. And more than once, you’ll be in a season of beginning over again . . . again. And that’s okay. It’s brave, even—to dare to hope after you’ve been let down.

So, if you’ve been hurt by a dream for your kid you’ve had to let go, you’re not alone. You’re not a failure. You’re just a parent. And both you and your kid will survive and live to dream another day."

PODCAST: Six Gifts Every Kid Needs

Reggie Joiner, founder and CEO of The reThink Group, joins hosts, Carlos Whittaker and Kristen Ivy, to talk about six gifts every child needs to feel loved, gain perspective, and be successful in today’s Best Of Parent Cue Live podcast episode.

Easter Basket Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Check out these awesome ideas from our friends at Parent Cue on Easter Baskets for your Middle or High School students!

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